Dairy - 33 cows, principally Dairy Shorthorns and their young stock

Beef - 25 - 30 cows, commercial herd of South Devons, Shorthorn/Aberdeen Angus cross cattle producing quality finishing stock

Sheep - closed flock of 550 Lleyn and Lleyn Cross ewes and producing lamb and breeding replacements

Pigs - Hampshire x Landrace and Glos Old Spot breeding sows, 2 Pietrain cross bred boars & their progeny

Poultry - egg production (310 hens) and meat birds (3 - 4 flocks of 170 - 200 birds)

Cereals - 260 - 275 ha

Woodland - approx 40 ha

Vegetable Production - 10.6ha – vegetables, soft fruit, herbs and cut flowers

Dairy Processing Unit - pasturised milk, yoghurt, butter, soft cheese and cream

Butchery - animals born and raised on the farm (slaughtered locally)

Farm Shop and Cafe - full of delicious food from the farm as well as further a field. All certified organic

Conservation - the farm is part of the HLS Environmental Stewardship Agreement with emphasis on bird habitats and feed sources, beetle banks, pond restoration and management, permanent headland margins, enhanced hedgerow management and preservation of archaeological features.