Staff and children/young people stay in our brand new bedrooms made from the farm's own timber. All rooms have ensuite showers and underfloor heating. Each room opens onto the wide south-facing veranda with views out to the veg garden and beyond. There is a large communal room with space for learning and sharing, eating and chatting. For milder evenings there is an outdoor fireplace around which stories are shared and the best conversations often happen.


Food feeds the soul, the mind and the body. It is at the heart of what we do at The Farm Project. Not only does it give everyone strength for a busy day outside but the preparation of meals is an integral part of the week. Many of the meals are cooked together by children/young people and staff (ours and yours!), in the teaching kitchen or outside on the fire. Most of the food will come from the farm itself- not just vegetables but eggs, milk, butter, cheese, yoghurt, soft fruit and flour. A major part of each day is collecting or harvesting straight from the farm. Eggs from the chicken houses, milk and cheese from the dairy and veg from the garden. Food is predominantly vegetarian though there will be the occasional meat treat.

The residential changed my view completely on how animals are raised for the meat industry and what I will buy to eat.

Aaron, Student


‘The land is not ours, it belongs to the future and we should leave it in good heart’

WOODCHIP BOILER fed from the farm sustainably coppiced woods or other local woodland is the only heating source for the whole building. It also provides all the hot water for the kitchens

SOLAR THERMAL tubes also feed into the hot water system

PAINTS all soy bean based eco friendly paints, inside the buildings

LIGHTING all low energy

DOUGLAS FIR and LEYLANDII from the farm making up over 80% of the building

WOODBURNER uses only firewood from sustainably coppiced woodland on the farm

FOOD all cooked on farm with a very high percentage of the ingredients from the farm itself, in the late summer and autumn can be as much as 90% of a meal. (rice, nuts, chocolate, tea and coffee are the main delicious culprits!)

WATER from the bore hole just behind the cafe

PHOTOVOLTAIC SOLAR PANELS 24 kilowatts providing some of the electricity for the shop and cafe

WIND TURBINES two eleven kilowatt GAIA turbines feed directly into the shop's electricity supply greatly helping to power the many fridges, freezers and lights