‘The land is not ours, it belongs to the future and we should leave it in good heart’

Green credentials so far….

WOODCHIP BOILER fed from the farm sustainably coppiced woods or other local woodland is the only heating source for the whole building. It also provides all the hot water for the kitchens.

SOLAR THERMAL tubes also feed into the hot water system.

PAINTS all soy bean based eco friendly paints, inside and out.

LIGHTING all low energy

GREEN OAK building using oak from the farm woodland.

WOODBURNER uses only firewood from sustainably coppiced woodland on the farm.

FOOD all cooked on farm with a very high percentage of the ingredients from the farm itself, in the late summer and autumn can be as much as 90% of a meal. (rice, nuts, chocolate, tea and coffee are the main delicious culprits!)

WATER from the bore hole just behind the cafe

PHOTOVOLTAIC SOLAR PANELS providing some of the electricity for the shop and cafe


We are committed to:

Continually expanding access to local and organic food in the Cirencester area
Improving our environmental impact through: closing supply loops where possible and sourcing locally and ethically
Reducing waste, recycling and composting
Reducing energy use and installing renewable energy sources where practicable
Using and supplying green cleaning products
Reducing water use
Improving and maintaining the farm as a habitat for wildlife
Encouraging our visitors to adopt our green values
Providing sustainable transport options to get to the farm
Complying with or exceeding environmental legislation
Monitoring and reviewing our progress 
Providing a enjoyable, educational and inspiring experience for visitors to Abbey Home Farm and our staff.
Promoting sustainability, through our own practices, through providing access to green products and working with other green organisations. 
The social side of sustainability. The farm employs a community of people and offers social opportunities for them as well as the wider community. We provide opportunities for vulnerable people, school children, holiday makers and local people to enjoy themselves, relax, exercise and learn in the fresh air. We are committed to expanding access on the farm and improving the experience for our visitors. We also support a number of international projects and charities.