The Farm Project CIC offers a unique residential experience for children and young people to be part of a working organic farm and to gain a deep understanding of where food comes from. During a stay of up to a week, visitors are fully immersed in farm life and take on daily activities based around growing, harvesting, cooking, working with livestock and spending time in the woods.

Why visit

A week of learning outside the traditional classroom environment, out in the fresh air with hands in the soil, increases a general sense of wellbeing. Confidence and self-esteem grow and life skills build as they face new experiences and challenges far from their everyday lives (no screens, no internet). This cross-curricular approach strengthens emotional well-being, communication and teamwork. It encourages positive relationships to be nurtured between individuals and groups. This provides an opportunity for developing new skills and qualities which can be taken back into homes, schools and communities.

Why only ten

Our maximum group size is ten, plus visiting staff. This allows for a deep experience, genuinely hands on and enabling individuals to really be heard. Once here they are placed into even smaller work groups, always with a member of visiting staff and a member of farm staff. The jobs are real and meaningful giving them a sense of responsibility and achievement, improving confidence and self esteem.

C struggled with eating healthily before she went to the farm. She now eats three meals a day and commented that this has improved her level of concentration at school

Teacher, Ormiston Sir Stanley Matthews Academy, Stoke on Trent